Some of the common questions asked and we have listed our answers as below :-

  • What are the payment methods accepted on this site ?
    We accept credit card payment via PayPal (Visa and Master Card ) and direct bank deposit and online bank transfer. In addition, you can also choose offline payment upon checkout and then make payment using your eWallet by scanning our Duitnow QR Code. View the Payment Method page for more information.
  • How long can I expect the receive the goods after I ordered ?
    For small items that you order, you should normally received it within 3 to 5 days after the completion of your order. For large item such as Dog Cages and Cat Cages, you can also opt for same day shipping by contacting  us via WhatsApp 018-2374289 and let us know your address so that we can check delivery fee via Lalamove for you.
  • Can I view the cage at your store ?
    All the pet cages are packed inside the box and are not open and installed for display as they take up a lot of space. Hence the best is to view the photograph show on this web site.
  • How to decide on the size of dog cage that I wish to buy ?
    It is important to check the dimensions of the cage that you wish to buy.  The cage must be big enough so that your dog and stand up, turn and stretch when the dog is in the down position. Measure the size of your dog and compare that to the dimensions of the cage before you purchase.
  • Are the Dog Cages and Cat Cages delivered as a installed unit ?
    Apart from the fully welded cages, all other cages will be delivered in the box and you will need to do self assembly at your end.
  • Can I purchase a Dog Cage as a fully installed unit ?
    Our Fully Welded Stainless Steel Dog Cage come in one complete unit and no further installation is needed.  For other cages which is non fully welded,  you will need to do own assembly at your place. Fully installed cages will cost a lot in shipping cost as big lorry is needed if the cage is fully installed.
  • For the Fully Welded Stainless Steel Cage, does in come with a stainless steel tray ?
    Yes, the Fully Welded 304 Stainless Steel Cage also come with a 304 Stainless Steel Tray. There is also an option for us to drill a hole and install and short pipe for you to attach a hose to drain the water.
  • Should I opt for Steel Cage or 304 Stainless Steel Cage or 201 Stainless Steel Cage ?
    Generally, steel cages will not last for very long and will corrode after repetitive washing. If you want a cage that last a longtime,  you should then opt for 304 Stainless Steel Cages which offer the highest resistance against rust among the 3 options. However, cages with 304 stainless steel are very costly and hence many users opt for 201 stainless steel cages which are much more economical and yet provide acceptable resistance against rust when compared to steel cages.